Millie has always loved horses from a young age and it all began when she had just turned 3 years old at a children's fun park with pony rides, after sitting on a shetland called Rosie riding was all that she wanted to do thereafter. After begging her mum to take her to pony lessons Hilary (Millie's Mum) finally found a riding school that would take her on when she turned 4 years old at Woodington's Riding School in Wellow run by Heather Ashley. From there she rode her first Ponies Teddy and Chloe two Welsh section A's. 


After having lessons at Woodingtons for a few years Millie then moved on to learn at two other riding schools finishing at Ford Farm in Brockenhurst when she was 8 years old.

In 2008 Millie began to ride her first pony on loan as well as another horse hacking owned by the same lady she loaned off, Millie began to do a lot more riding especially hacking and having fun in the forest with Mum Hilary, after a few years Millie started to do small shows with Cedric hacking to local events such as showing and small showjumping, after this Millie wanted to do more with Cedric so she joined the New Forest Hunt Pony Club where they did lots of clinics and camp. Pony Club was a great foundation for Millie to learn from and made riding even more enjoyable with ambitions to do Pony Club area teams. 


A big influence in Millie's career was close friend Emily Heighway, Millie met Emily at a local showjumping competition at the age of 6 and wanted to congratulate Emily for her win. In amaze of Emily, Millie and Hilary continued to speak to her which then led to Millie going to most shows that Emily competed at for many years as her "mini groom" helping as much as she could. Emily showed Millie the ropes and Millie idolised her. A few years after meeting Emily, Millie began to have a few lessons a month with Emily on her pony and later on after deciding to buy a horse Emily played a big part in helping Millie to find her top horse Shannondale Codis. Emily taught Millie how to ride horses and has made her the rider she is today, Millie continued to have lessons with Emily until beginning of 2017 but has been down to Devon for a few days for lessons and wants to do so as often as possible. 

2012 was a very special year as the London 2012 Olympics was held and Millie did not miss a minute of all Horse Riding Disciplines and especially the Eventing this was the first time she had really seen what eventing is all about and loved it, one horse and rider in particular who stood out was Vittoria Panizzon riding horse of the games Borough Pennyz, who in Jan 2013 Millie got to meet at a Pony Club talk where Vittoria inspired Millie which was the moment she decided eventing was what she wanted to do.


Summer of 2013 Millie and her parents decided to buy a horse as Millie had out grown her pony and needed a horse a bit braver as he didn't enjoy the Cross Country, so after looking at many horses they found the perfect horse Shannondale Codis a 15.3hh Connemara x TB with huge potential and a true sweetheart. It took a long time to learn how to ride a horse like Codi for Millie as she was used to a layed back pony however weekly lessons with Emily meant that they started very successfully competing at unaffiliated and at Pony club. Beggining of 2014 the combination began unaffiliated ODE's prepping for their BE debut in 2015. Millie also went to stay with Vittoria Panizzon as a working pupil for a week in 2014 riding lots of different horses and learn't a huge amount from Vittoria, after doing so she started to work at the yard she kept her horses at where she was able to ride lots of horses which taught her a lot over the 2.5 years she worked there. 

2015 Millie debuted her BE career with a BE90 after completing that with ease Millie and Shannondale Codis moved up to BE100 for the season and ended on a 100Plus with a great first season Millie was super excited for the winter training and 2016 season ahead they moved up to British Showjumping and practiced 1m10 which prepped them for their Novice runs in 2016, where they placed multiple times including Borde Hill, Smiths Lawn, West Wilts and Dauntsey meaning that they had a fantastic 2016 season. 2016 was also a year where Millie took on riding for a few people to help improve their horses ways of going after having success with this it meant that more people were beginning to use Millie to ride their horses, Millie still continues to ride for others however is looking for more rides to compete on in 2018 and onwards. 2016 also meant that Millie trained a further two times with Vittoria Panizzon for weeks at a time to further her knowledge and gain valuable experience as well as weekly lessons with trainer Emily which Millie feels was the reason of her improvements for 2016. 

In 2017 Millie began having lessons with GB Selector Sarah Bullen after meeting her whilst staying with Vittoria, since starting with Sarah Millie and Codi have improved dramatically, Sarah has been a real influence on the training Millie does with the horses. The 2017 season was a slow start for Millie due to injury however plans to go 1* and intermediate were still in reach, a start to the season with some top 15 placings meant that they were preparing for international classes however after a wet run at Dauntsey where the pair came 10th meant that Shannondale Codis was not quite right so pulled out of Aldon 1*. 2017 was also a very exciting time for Team Webb Eventing as we introduced a few new members to the team firstly Freya a 4 yr old Sports Horse, Freya bought for Mum Hilary is a great little mare who Millie is hoping to Event later this 2018 /2019 season. We also introduced MSL-Equine to Team Webb Eventing as a main sponsor providing such valuable work go check out MSl-Equine's info on the Sponsors page.


The 2018 Season is underway and Millie's goals for this year are to take Shannondale Codis up to CIC1*, Intermediate and possibly a CIC2* at the end of the season, Millie's goals for Freya (Goldstorm Firefly) are to get her out unaffiliated at the end of the year and to give her time to build confidence ready to begin her eventing Career.

Millie's long term goals are to do U21 trials with Shannondale Codis and to get on the U21's team in a few years.

If you are interested in joining our journey to the top by becoming an owner or sponsor then please send Millie an Email or Message. 

Email: milliewebbeventing1@gmail.com   Mobile: 07720320396
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