Millie truly values her sponsors and believes they are an integral part of Team Webb Eventing. She is greatly appreciative of all the support she gets from sponsors who help her in her quest for success. Millie always welcomes new companies/people who want to provide their support so if you are interested in sponsoring Millie then please get in touch.


Millie is super excited and grateful to be a MSL-Equine rider as of summer 2017, especially having always been a huge admirer of Michelle's extensive knowledge and incredible work with horses.

MSL-Equine offer a vast number of incredible services being Symmetry Correction (Straightness) Training this is to help your horse maintain a strong and powerful posture for maximum health and performance; Millie's horses have been having this training weekly and has made a significant difference in their muscular strength and performance.


MSL also offers an Ergonomic Assessment which is an independent assessment of the correct fitting of your saddle to you and your horse, Millie has always struggled to get a perfect fit for the horses especially when looking for dressage sadlles and making sure the horses were comfertable but now with MSL-Equines knowledge Millie now has great saddles that fit both horse and rider impeccably improving their performance and wellbeing. Check out MSL website for even more info!

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