Millie Webb - Rider 

Since riding from the age of 4 Millie has always loved being around horses and loves competing, now a U21's Team hopeful Millie is an ambitious and dedicated rider who is beginning to get her name out there in the Eventing world. Millie is hoping to make her International Debut in May 2018 and work her way to the top with her horses. She is also hopeful in the future for running a small yard with the horses to enable her to further her career. 

Hilary Webb - Mum


Hilary has been the backbone to Millie's career and she couldn't do it without her amazing support and help, after riding herself from a young age and doing lots of shows she stopped riding when she had children however began riding again when Millie got her first pony on loan. Hilary is Millie's rock and is incredibly hard working and does so many things to make Team Webb Eventing run smoothly as main roles of Lorry driver, Groom, Supporter, Managing the horses and riding herself. Everyone that knows Team Webb will agree that nothing would be possible without her.

Michelle Lyall - Straightness trainer and saddle ergonomist

Michelle is a vital part to Team Webb Eventing, Michelle visits us on a weekly basis to train the horses with her Symmetry correction work which aims to help your horse become more balanced and to strengthen their core through activating key muscle groups. Michelle's work has been impeccable and her extensive knowledge of the horses is incredible, her training has dramatically improved the way that the horses work and they are so much more supple. She also is a qualified saddle ergonomist training in Germany with top master saddlers and currently works alongside David Nangreave who Millie uses as her Saddler providing the best saddles for both horse and rider. 

Sarah Bullen - Trainer 

Sarah has trained Millie now since the beginning of 2017 and her invaluable experience of being a former 4* Eventer and great coach to Team GB has meant that she has improved impeccably in the past year and continues to do so. Sarah has taught Millie a vast amount and has helped to improve her way of training the horses to get the best out of them. Sarah's vast knowledge of the eventing circuit will mean that when moving up to international one and three day events will be a smooth transition of both Team Webb and the Horses, Millie cannot thank Sarah enough for her coaching given over the past year. 

Jack Young - Farrier 

Jack has been part of the team since beginning of 2017 now and is such a great asset to the team he not only always shoes the horses impeccably but is extremely reliable and helpful coming up to the yard even at the shortest notice. Jack has been so great at helping the horses perform at their best, having the best shoes possible is so important for the horses form and wellbeing I wouldn't want anyone else to shoe them. Jack is definitely a very hard worker and knows his stuff which makes him a vital part to the team and our success in Eventing and keeping the horses well. 

Sorcha Moneley - Physio

Sorcha has been a part of the team since winter 2014 and we wouldn't want to use any one else to treat the horses, Sorcha really is a great member of the Team who always gets the best out of the horses and enables them to do their job to the best of their ability, they are definitely happy horses when Sorcha arrives on the yard and can't wait for their treatment. I cannot reccomend Sorchas work enough she's always wanting to get the horses as happy as possible and consistently picking up on the smallest of detail due to her vast experience. Her work is extremely important for the horses wellbeing and keeping them in tip top form. 


Without the support of my family and friends my Eventing career definitely wouldn't be possible they are the foundations of the team and their support means so much to me, having them at competitions, helping at the yard, driving me to events and to training I am so grateful for. Included in the main Team is Mum (Hilary), Dad (Pete), Grandad (Peter), Nanny (Tess), Olivia (Sister), Emily Heighway and Adam Hill, without the support from each and every one of these people I wouldn't be able to achieve what I already have and achieve what is to come in the future! Like they always say "This isn't an Individual sport this is a Team sport" 

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